Cruise and Rendezvous (C & R) Power Squadron members may join events, which are announced in The Buoys Newsletter. You do not need a boat to participate in many of these activities. Many C & R activities require advance registration and payment. Information is found in The Buoys. 

Each month, we meet during the week for a wonderful luncheon at one of our popular Florida Restaurants....from Fort Myers to Captiva.  Come with us as we meet up at a specified location and cruise together for a delightful meal.

Each month, we also plan an overnight stay at one of the area resorts.  Don't have a boat?.....You can rent a room at the same location and spend your time on the dock with us as we relax and have fun together.

The Weekenders are members who take lunch trips by boat to various on-the-water restaurants  on Saturdays (for those who can't go during the week). Our 'follow me' trips are a great way to learn the local waters and practice safe boating. Busy during the weekend? The Weekdayers offer outings by boat weekdays between November and April. Please note that with both groups  you do not have to have a boat to participate as the restaurants are also accessible by car.

Kayaking Group Come join us for fun adventure on the water at a slightly slower and more peaceful pace! We explore many of the most beautiful Florida coastlines in the most earth-friendly way....kayaking!

Fishing Group is an adventurous group that loves to spend some time fishing whether they catch something or not! The group is made up of guys and gals from novice to experienced that enjoy fishing. Most of the fishing trips are "follow me". Normally we meet monthly on the first Monday of the month. Meeting agendas include planning the next trip, listening to possible guest speakers, share techniques, and stories. Please, join us as we explore new areas on the beautiful Florida coastline to fish....maybe you'll take dinner home! 

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